Friday, August 5, 2011

Rambling Roads Finished!

The Rambling Roads quilt is finished and heading to its new home, along with the Plume quilt, today. It measured 60 inches square before washing; I imagine it's a bit smaller now. Most of the quilting is in the "roads." In the larger blocks where I needed some quilting to stabilize them in the middle I outlined one of the vehicles or a star.

The pieced back came together really well. The darker blue is flannel to make it really super soft. I used the leftovers of the fabrics I'd used on the top and the last few inches of sashing I had left.

My favorite part of the back is this great tractor fabric. I just love that shade of blue, and it's so nice and soft.

I had planned all along to applique some vehicles onto the roads, I was so relieved when I realized that this served the dual purpose of allowing me to cover some of the areas where the quilting didn't line up quite perfectly and wrinkles appeared. I first sewed them all down with a tight straightline stitch, then went around again with a zigzag to make sure everything is extra secure. I also extended this crane out of its frame, as you can see.

I used a stripe fabric to make bias binding for this quilt. As you can see, I've started to machine sew my bindings. Unlike most quilters, I have never minded hand sewing bindings. It doesn't take me very long, and it gives me a chance to stretch out in a recliner and watch TV while I work instead of being hunched over my machine. I initially machine sewed a few bindings that I wanted to be extra strong, and once I saw how fast it was I just couldn't resist doing it again. By the time I am to the binding stage on a quilt I am so eager to get it done and in the wash to see it all washed and dried and crinkled that I don't want to take the extra time to hand sew it. I've been really pleased with how my machine sewn bindings have come out; it's become my go to method.

Happiness is a freshly washed quilt.

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