Monday, January 16, 2012

(Yet Another) Late Christmas Gift

This one is TWO Christmases late! That's right, I started this project in November of 2010. It was destined, all along, to be a gift for a friend and a fellow artist going through a rough time. She is finally going to receive it this week. The design is supposed to be like Braille. Believe it or not, those four repeated characters (are they called characters?) are four words: "Be still and know" part of a Bible verse from the Psalms. The last set trails off, "Be still and..." I'm not positive it's completely right, since I am not a native Braille reader. That may be wrong kind of "still" (as in "The party is still on" as opposed to "Sit still and be quiet"). The person I am giving it to is not a Braille reader either, so hopefully if it's wrong no one will ever notice.

This wall hanging is about 40"x18" and it uses lovely shot cottons (the ones that have two colors woven together) which gives it a lot of texture. The quilting also gave it texture, and there is an extra disk of batting behind each of the reverse appliqued Braille dots to make them poof up. This will be nice for my friend not only to have hanging on the wall to look at, but also to run her hands over as the texture of the design is so vivid. (Can texture be vivid? I think it should be able to be.) I can't wait to finally give this to her :)

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  1. What a great idea. It is essentially a piece of art with a secret message.