Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Time

Remember this bargello quilt from forever ago?  My very first post on this blog was actually about this quilt.  It's been layered, pinned, and partially quilted for... at least two years?  During that time it's been rolled up and curled on top of my fabric storage, serving mainly as a bed for Wilson (see below).  Well, the time has finally come to finish it off!

Wilson holds down the UFO
I've finished quilting the center and the first two borders and I'm halfway through the outer border.  I just marked the third side.  I'm quilting the outer border using a variation on an Arabic-inspired design I've been fascinated with for a while.

Third side marked and ready to quilt
 For anyone who is interested, this is how I do my more precise quilting.  I draw the design on grid paper first, transfer it to something rigid like cardboard, and cut out a template to mark the quilt with.

Grid paper to cardboard to template

With this template I mark one half of the design, then flip it and line up the common lines to mark the second half.  As I'm quilting I make an under-over weave everywhere the lines cross so that the design appears 3D.

 In this picture it's easier to see the chalk marks of the design.

I haven't decided what to bind it with yet, maybe a charcoal grey?  I don't have any of the outer border fabric left or I'd use it.  Plenty of time to decide while I'm quilting.  I can't wait to finally get this UFO done

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