Monday, April 23, 2012

Is a Drunkard's Path appropriate for a baby quilt?

Is a Drunkard's Path pattern appropriate for a baby quilt?

 I hope so! Because that's what this little girl will be getting.  Maybe I just won't tell her mother or grandmother what the block is called?

This small baby girl quilt is only about 40" square but I had to dig pretty deep into my stash for the pinks and purples.  Suffice it to say that I am NOT a pink person.  Adding the green was necessary to stretch my stash and I like the way it looks.  The colors of much more vibrant in real life than they are showing up on here.

Thor always "helps" me take pictures
I sew my curves without pinning, which makes this a quick and easy block.  I fold the pieces in half and crease to mark the center, then I line up the middles and sew from the middle out one direction, flip the block over, and sew from the center out in the other direction.

I quilted it by marking circles with a compass and quilting long "S" shapes to make chains of circles.  I saw the technique at Film in the Fridge and it worked like a charm.  The rounded corners were something I've been meaning to do for a while but always forget until it's too late.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easily the binding went on; no tucking required, it just eased around.

Most of the back is that blue-purple flannel with the circles on it.  I added a couple of strips of green polka dot flannel to the edges to make it big enough.  It's bound with a pastel pink polka dot fabric and ready to welcome a precious new little person.


  1. It's awesome! Good colors, NOT boring. I've been meaning to try the drunkards path design but just can't decide if my brain can handle curves. BUT I love them!

  2. Any little girl would love this. Your colors are great. I love how you quilted it.