Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Back! What a summer!

I took off on May 12th for an adventure filled summer. This is the backpack I lived out of for over 3 months, waiting in the terminal for my first set of flights to Eugene, OR. My rule this summer was to only travel to places where it was cooler than Texas (let's be honest, it doesn't take much).
Photo by Bob Harbison
I spent 7 weeks sailing on the Hawaiian Chieftain, the same boat I was on 2 years ago.  I was with them going north along the Oregon coast as well as in the Puget Sound.  The boats are operated by Grey's Harbor Historical Seaport Authority.  There's a great article here on our organization's educational program.

Chieftain's stack going under the bridge in Newport, OR.
After spending 3 weeks onboard Chieftain in Oregon I flew to Santa Fe, NM to tutor with a family for 7 weeks.  They treated me as a member of the family and showed me all the best adventures there are to see and do in New Mexico.  It was an incredible opportunity and I was blessed to have it.

Beginning our hike to sleep on the dunes at White Sands, NM
One of the best experiences I had in New Mexico was camping out on the dunes at White Sands.  We hiked in around 6pm, had a picnic, and threw our sleeping bags on the sand to watch the stars.
White Sands, NM.  I am the farthest ahead in the center.

Me, in a kiva at Bandelier National Monument.

A sunset picnic on top of a cabin on the Sandia crest, playing "airplane" with a very special little girl.
After 7 weeks in Santa Fe it was back to Washington to sail for another month.  The weather was pleasant, and at times even warm, and of course the scenery was beautiful.  We sailed around the Puget Sound and I was heartbroken to leave!
Mt. Baker, seen from somewhere near Anacortes, WA.
Through a combination of getting things done ahead of time and a few miracles I managed to stay on top of my Stash Bee blocks all summer, but that was the only sewing that got done.  Now that I am home regular programming has resumed.  I am back in school and already quilting again.  I have a list of quilts to get done by Christmas, one of which already became a top this week.  I'll post pictures soon.

I can't say I'm glad to be back, but I am glad to be quilting again :)
The harbor in Blaine, WA at sunset.

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