Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back in the saddle(?) again!

Love that fabric with the handwriting on it.
 This is the scene on my desk today; back to business as usual!  This quilt is for a friend of mine from college.  I've owed it to him for quite a few years, but you know how it is when something gets on your to-do list.
 Here it is all spread out to pin.  It's semi improv piecing.  I drew out my layout first but chose color and altered the design as I pieced.  Its future owner is very color- and design-inclined, so I hope it is up to his standards. It is a bit intimidating!

This really is a quilt that is as much about texture as visual effect. There are flannels, courdroy, linen, and super-soft shot cottons all mixed together.

I repaired (re-made) my first pillow cover yesterday.  Our dogs got ahold of my aunt's special pillow that her sister gave her.  I wish I had a "before" picture of this to show you, but just picture large piles of fluff and shreds of fabric spread across the pasture.  It was one of those straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back kind of moments.  Thinking (foolishly) "how hard can it be?" I offered to repair it for her.

In the end I stabilized what was left of the front with iron-on stabilizer, trimmed off the ruined bits, and made a new back.  I found everything I needed in the remnants bin at WalMart and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the envelope-back turned out.  I even sewed some piping around the edge.
New pillow, only slightly smaller than the original.
 Off to quilt, I can't wait to get this one done!  Hope you week is going well!

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