Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review of McCall's Modern Quilting ebook

Like most of the rest of the quilt blogging world, it seems, I was approached recently by McCall's asking if I would like to review their Log Cabin Quilts ebook.  I passed on the log cabin book but when they contacted me again asking if a book on modern quilts might be more up my alley I took them up on it.

This is a FREE ebook, so if any one would like your own copy you can click on the image above or click here.  Enter your email to subscribe to their newsletter and you'll be taken to the link to download the pdf file.  (PDF files print out great, if you prefer not to read off the screen.)  If you're as paranoid as I am about entering your email addresses into those little boxes around the internet, don't worry.  Unsubscribing from the newsletter is as easy as subscribing.

The actual "Modern Quilts" ebook is short, just 10 pages.  There's a brief letter from the editor introducing the major ideas of modern quilting and the rest of the book is devoted to three quilt patterns.  My favorite of the three is a HST pattern called "Rainbow Rhythm" by Tricia Camp. One of the patterns, a large scale string quilt, also includes instructions for a type of Quilt-as-you-go quilting.

Rainbow Rhythm
I think this book would be a good introduction for an experienced traditional quilter wanting to begin to explore the world of modern quilt. All of the quilts are based on traditional quilt patterns and traditional quilting techniques and the instructions are specific and clear.  There is no call for improvised piecing or wildly variably sized blocks.

To be honest, none of the quilts in this book seem particularly modern to me, but for a quilter looking to dip their toes into the "modern" waters but not sure they're ready to dive right in, this would be perfect.  If you're interested, click the picture at the top!

(All opinion expressed are my own, thanks to McCall's for asking me to review.)

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