Thursday, March 7, 2013

One-Day Baby Quilt

Last week, in the midst of preparing for the other baby shower my mom asked me to make something for a friend of hers who is ALSO have a little boy.  How could I say no?

Yup, it's still windy here

I decided on a simple layout of 5" squares.  I cut 6 squares each out of 8 different fabrics. The baby's mama likes neutrals so I pulled a selection with tans and greys to make a low-ish volume palette.  The print with the leaves is a Lonni Rossi fabric that Ann at The Orange Crumpled Napkin sent me (thanks, Ann!!)

The quilt came to 30"x40", a perfect baby size.  I quilted it with straight lines outlining the seams to keep things simple and soft and backed it with some flannels from my stash.  A cream binding and it was all done; from start to finish in one morning!

This was the first time I've ever used Hobbs heirloom cotton batting and it won't be the last! I love how it made for a lighter quilt and I swear, I think it's softer than my quilts using Warm and Natural usually turn out. 

Another quilt, set off into the world to lead it's own life :)  I'm linking up to Finish It Friday, hop over there to see what everyone else has been up to.

[edited to add:] So there I was, cutting 1.5" strips of some lovely Kona Bone and I finally did it. Sliced a chunk off my finger with the rotary cutter. Those boogers are sharp! Blood got EVERYWHERE, except on the fabric. Lol. Surely that is some kind of proof I am a quilter? I'll sacrifice anything to keep the fabric clean. I don't think stitches will be needed, but I'll keep you posted. The worst part? I was going to finish that quilt today!

scene of the crime


  1. What a sweet little quilt. I love the fabrics you chose.

  2. Your friend's friend will love it! The fabrics look as though they belong together.

  3. I use Hobbs batting to and Love it! I hope your sliced finger gets better fast-been there done that too! I think maybe it is a rite of passage for quilters...Your quilt is lovely!

  4. Lovely quilt - lovin' the colours. I sliced my finger once too and you are right, they are very sharp! Hope your finger heals quickly.

  5. Ow, ow, ow, ow! It'll be a week before I get up the courage to pick up my rotary cutter now! Hope your finger's better soon. And I love the baby quilt - beautiful, soft, soothing colors.

  6. Just precious. Love the stripes and dots. Where did you get your heirloom batting?