Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quilt Finish and a Giveaway for a Great Cause!!

My latest finish, which YOU could win!
Some times when you are involved in something every day, you forget that other people may not even know it's going on.

And then sometimes when you try to explain just why it's some important... it's just too big to find the words. 

That's where I'm at today. So instead of words I'm going to use pictures, because they say it better than I could.

Above is Katie and below is Theo.  Both of them were adopted from orphanages in Eastern Europe and their cases are NOT unique.  Both of their lives were saved by adoption.  For thousands of orphans with special needs the reality of every day life is one of abuse, neglect, starvation, and early death.  It's not nice to think about it, but once you know the truth, how can you turn away?

Reece's Rainbow is one organization of several that campaigns for the adoption of these children by raising the money needed to cover their adoptions.  Right now hundreds of families are in various stages of the process of bringing home children from over seas.  You can help save a child's life by donating to a family or child in need.

There's a great big giveaway going on right now to benefit seven adopting families and twelve waiting children.  (You can get to it by clicking on the link above).  Among the $5,000 worth of prizes up for grabs are two of my quilts, the one in this post and the unnamed (and unfinished) animal quilt.  There are also a few other quilts, IPads, Wii games, Kindles, gift cards, and more!

My latest finish, which YOU could win
This was a fun quilt to make. (It was also the one I was working on when I sliced the end off my finger.  D'oh!)  I got the gray fabric with the horses on it in a scrap pack from the Hawthorne Threads and decided to make a quilt around it; all the color were drawn from that fabric.  I love the way this one came out!  I straight line quilted around all the block and then stippled inside them.  The quilt is about 60" square, a perfect size for a couch quilt the whole family can enjoy.

Please, please, please, go check out the giveaway going on to benefit these kids and GIVE.  Not just because you want to win something cool, but because you want to make a difference; save a life.  You may not think your donation is much, but every little bit helps.  Together we can bring these kids HOME.

Click HERE.  And Thank you.

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  1. Beautiful quilt for a great cause. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank God, for people like you and the other who helps!

  3. Wonderful cause. Wonderful contribution. Wonderful person.

  4. i love reece's rainbow and that you were able to adopt two beauties.

  5. A lovely quilt. This post has me in tears.