Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wednesday WIPs

I was hoping for a finish during this break, but some progress will have to do.  I quilted some more on the bird houses quilt but it's no much to look at, so no pictures.  Hopefully I will have that one done soon. It's so small, there's really no excuse not to!  Well, there is this adorable face who is always snoozing in my bed.  Makes it that much harder to not just throw in the towel and take a nap.

I started a new top using my old, coveted sock monkey fabrics. I need a dozen 16" square blocks.  One block down, eleven to go!  I am piecing these together improv style with no particular pattern. I am planning to stick to 90 degree corners and bright, child-friendly fabrics.

Major props to the girls of the Nurture circle at do. Good Stitches for getting all their August blocks to me in record time! I am missing one person's blocks, but since two people made extra I have all the blocks I need to start putting the top together. 

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  1. The design wall quilt is fabulous!!! I am absolutely 100% in love with that quilt. I have to make one now. Is it improve? Where do I find the pattern?

  2. Every time you show an update on this quilt I want to make one! It might help that it's in my favorite colors...

  3. I love those sock monkeys! I have some leftover 5 Funky Monkeys that I need to do something with and seeing your monkeys makes me want to pull them out and start playing. Also love that quilt top on your design wall..can't wait to see more of it!

  4. I love that quilt! Your group did a really great job!

  5. visiting from WIP wednesday. Love what you are doing. The sock monkey's look great