Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finish: Cornered

Hello everyone! Happy weekend (for those of you who don't work weekends). It's a Friday with a Finish again!

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a string scrap quilt using Film in the Fridge's Converging Corners tutorial.  What started out as a messy pile of string has become a finished, kid-size quilt.

The "before" picture
Not only does this great tutorial use up strings, it also perfectly features the small scraps of your favorite fabrics as the center squares.

I kept the fabrics boy-friendly.  This quilt is joining the Purple Kool-Aid quilt in my Emergency Baby Quilts pile.  I am trying to have a boy quilt and a girl quilt ready to go at all times and the last two have already been given away.

Some more sock monkey fabric.  I bought a 1/4 yd of that for my very first quilt and I am STILL using up the scraps.
All of the fabrics in this were scraps, including the whites. I used various shades of white, off-white, and muslins that I had left over.

LOVE that rocket fabric!

I opted for a quick all over stipple for the quilting. I always quilt string quilts densely because I worry about seams fraying.  Not to mention, the dense quilting gives texture to die for.

Quilting TEXTURE
The backing is what was left of a rainbow-stripe flat sheet that I have used for backing before.

I pieced a scrappy binding from the bits of binding left from other projects.

The quilt finished at 36"x48", perfect for a baby or a kid.

Elephants on parade in the strings :)
Linking up to Finish it Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and the TGIFF OctoberQuest2 at Quilter in the Closet.

Ending with some parting shots. Can't believe the sun came out for pictures this morning after how dark and damp it was yesterday.

Those yellow sailboats are one of my favorite fabrics.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!!


  1. You are extremely prolific! I am so impressed! I also love the fact that you USE your scraps up! Kudos!

  2. Not only is this a great before and after (LOVE that scrap pile!), but that's an adorable quilt, too. Nice work!

  3. It turned out great. Love how you used all your disparate whites.

  4. It's beautiful! Congrats!!!

  5. Love it. I just finished a total string scrap quilt and wonder if I have enough strings to do this corner quilt. You have inspired me! :)

  6. What a great idea, to just have a boy and girl quilt on hand all the time. Totally stealing that! And I love this quilt - so scrappy and so cool.

  7. What a fun quilt! I want to make one like it too.

  8. This turned out great (as per usual)! Have you been completely converted to a FMQer? Abandon the straight lines, come to the stipple side...