Friday, March 13, 2015

A Non-Quilty Finish

It is still dreary, wet, and cold! I know in August we will be glad for all this rain but right now it sure is miserable.  Since it continues to be cloudy for my to photograph quilts I have a non-quilty finish to share today.

My friend Libby who blogs at No Airplane Here is getting married soon, so I made her a coptic-bound journal from her wedding invitation.

Coptic bindings are nice because they are beautiful and because they allow the book to lay open completely flat. The design is made from the thread that holds the "signatures" (pages) in place.

For the pages inside I used a shimmery metallic paper from Office Max.  The most fun part is picking out the scrap book paper for the covers and end pages.

Happy Wedding, Libby!


  1. Even though it is sitting on my shelf right now and I could go look at it in person, I love seeing pictures! This is going to make such a good guest book I can barely wait until June