Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Beginnings of a Memory Quilt

Design Wall Monday, and I had a productive weekend.  I got the teal and grey scraps quilt assembled into a top. Adding it to the stack to be basted.

Then there was some quilting. A friend has requested this swirly design on a quilt I am doing for her, so I figured I better practice on one of my donation quilts.  I last tried this on the batik quilt from last summer.  I got this one done, but it is waiting for 2 things: a break in the rain so our septic system will drain and we can do laundry, and a sunny day so I can take pictures.

Finally, I started de-boning shirts for a memory quilt I volunteered to make for a friend.  I never met this man, but judging from his shirts he must have been a hoot!  This mosaic shirt with the sea life was one of my favorites.

I was sent 6 hawaiian shirts and 2 solids, that makes for a surprising amount of fabric. Better yet, hawaiian shirts don't stretch, so they don't need to be stabilized.

There is something reverent about literally taking apart the seams on someone's life after they are gone too soon.  I feel honored whenever I get to make one of these keepsakes. I sure hope the design I choose reflects him, and his life.

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  1. The teal and gray scrap quilt is beautiful and your practice swirls are looking fabulous!
    The fabric from the mosaic shirt is awesome! This is going to be one special quilt. A true honor to have been asked to transform them into a quilty memory. I'm sure you will figure out something wonderful :)

  2. The mosaic shirt would make a great quilt pattern for a mosaic quilt!

  3. I like your teal and grey - they look lovely together. I've never made a memory quilt but have always been taken with the idea - I shall look forward to seeing what you do with these shirts.