Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July Covered in Love Stars

Welcome to this month's Covered in Love block drive!  Every month I announce a block drive challenge so that quilters out in blog world can make blocks to help out CiL. Together you guys make several beautiful quilts every month to bring comfort to mourning families.

Mini lonestar

This month is a little different because I am not giving you a specific block tutorial. Instead, in honor of July 4th, I'd like 12.5" unfinished (12" finished) star blocks in patriotic red, white, and blue (think USA flag colors).  You can use 2 colors per block or all 3 and you can use any star pattern you like. You don't have to use white for the background, you can use the colors in any position. Solid or print fabrics are ok.

I've linked up several block patterns below. You can also make a block made up of several smaller stars, as long as the overall block measures 12.5".  If you're in doubt about the size, or you accidentally make an offsize star, err too small and add sashing to bring it up to size.

Delaware Quilts has LOTS of star patterns
Briawna collected some block links when my Bee did stars
Quilters' Cache also has LOTS of stars in this list
35 Star Quilt patterns
Wonky "Confetti Star" free on Craftsy
Paper pieced "Star Seams" free on Craftsy
...that's plenty from me, but there are lots more star blocks out there so don't limit yourself just to these.

Covered in Love gives quilts of comfort to the families of patients who pass away in the hospital.  If you would like to support us by making a block or ten, email me at or leave a comment below for a mailing address.


  1. You scared me with the photo of that Mini Lonestar!! Whew! I'm SEW glad that we can make ANY star we'd like. Thanks for that!!

  2. Hi Kat, I put 4 blocks in the mail to you today.

  3. Hi Kat,
    I wasn't sure I'd be able to help you out this month (threatened postal strike),but it's looking good so far - I'll let you know when my blocks go out.