Thursday, July 21, 2016

Baby baby Finishes!

This week's sewing was all about babies!  I have three friends/family having babies around October, and one of them is having twins! So I have no shortage of baby sewing to be done.

I don't know if you have Hancock's Fabrics where you are, but it has been one of my favorite places to shop and is unfortunately going out of business :(  I went by a couple weeks ago and there wasn't much left but I found some things to scoop up on a discount. I got several handfuls of iron-on baby appliques.

I bought plain onesies at WalMart and sewed the appliques onto them, rather than iron. For the twin boys there are two "peas in a pod" ones.

These girly ones are for my cousin.  My friend Libby is also having a baby (gender to be a surprise) but since she is a quilter I thought she might have more fun with the appliques herself.  Rather than apply them to anything I dropped a few in the mail earlier this week.

The twins will almost certainly come early, and more than likely spend a little time in the NICU so I made up four of these reversible preemie NICU smocks for them.  (Pattern free from Everything Your Mama Made & More.)  With any luck they will never need them and they'll be donated to the NICU unused, but just in case we're ready. 

(same 4 gowns on their reverse side)
These function on the same principle as a hospital gown: they can be quickly put on and taken off and allow for various tubes and whatnot to be passed through, but it gives the parents the comfort of seeing the baby in clothes.

Finally, I sewed up this cute sleeping bunny baby lovey I saw on Quilting Stories.  The backing of the patchwork is a plush minky for baby to snuggle with and the bunny's face is flannel.  Embroidering the facial features was the hardest part for me, but after some ripping and restitching I managed to make 2 eyes that look mostly alike.

Baby sewing is so much fun. I sew mostly for the other end of life these days, and I love that too! But there's just something about sewing for a new baby. I guess there is a certain symmetry to it.

Happy Friday! Don't forget the Covered in Love July block drive is going on now.

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  1. work, school, charity quilts & baby sewing... do you ever sleep?

  2. Definitely a change of pace where your sewing is concerned. All adorable. LOVE that sleeping baby bunny lovey!!

  3. Hi Kat!

    I'm sorry that I didn't realize that you were a blogger. I see that you've been at it quite a while. I also see that you're very prolific. I already knew that from the work that you bring to the modern quilt meeting, but you're even busier than I suspected.

    You're creativity and cleverness is always inspirational. Equally inspirational is your commitment to those in need.

    I know that you've seen my new blog and left favorable comments. For that, I thank you.

    I'm going to post your blog on mine so that the few who read mine might have a chance to follow along with you.

    I loved the Fibonacci post. It seems to me that there are a gazillion ways to incorporate Fibonacci into a quilt design. That's food for thought.

    I just posted about the leaf quilt that I built for my Aunt. I'm not sure if you've seen it or not.

    Also, I'm writing a post about how Picasso might influence a quilt design sometime in my future.

    Hope to see you at the meeting this week.