Thursday, July 14, 2016

May's Tall Nine Patches 1 & 2

I love our monthly block drives.  Selfishly I love getting to come up with block designs and colors schemes and see them come to fruition.  More than that, though, and more importantly, I love how it represents the online community and quilters in general. I love that strangers come together, month after month, to make quilts to bless people they won't ever meet. 

These are the first two of the "tall nine patch" quilts from May's block drive.  One quilt, the one that got the all-over flowers quilting came as a finished top from Amanda in Louisiana.  The other was a blend of blocks sent in by contributors.

I have two more of these tops ready to be basted and quilted. These first two were quilted by the wonderful Judy at Quilt Paradigm, who never ceases to amaze me with her creativity, skill, and generosity.

Thank you to everyone who contributed blocks to the May block drive: Summer, Teri, Linda, Rosemarie, Susan, Johanna, Valerie, Barbara, Nancy K., Janet, Nancy R., Elena, Ann, Louise, Amanda, Jannette, Molly and Tammy.  

These two quilts have been labeled and added to the staging area for Covered in Love. For anyone interested, this month's block drive is up now. We're making red, white, and blue star blocks in any pattern you like.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  You think it's going to be a relaxing break, but somehow things always seem to get busy in the summer.  It's a good busy, though; vacations and visits with friends, trying to squeeze inbetween school and work.

Things are busy but good here.  Rey continues to charm us. Once her various parasites and malnutrition cleared up her personality really blossomed. She has the best purr and is completely nonchalant about Rory's disdain for her.

Wishing you sunshine, quilting time, and purring cats :)

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  1. Kat, As always, you amaze me with your ability to pull together such beautiful quilts from donations. I love how peaceful these quilts are. As I sewed those few blocks as my part, I kept thinking about that inspiration photo, of a beach at dusk, that you posted. The quilts really have that feel about them. I absolutely love participating and tomorrow my July stars are going in the mail to you. I truly can't even imagine how you will pull all of those together and look forward to seeing your creations!!!

  2. Gorgeous quilts! Well done to everyone who contributed! (And I love your comment about the purr of your cat - our SPCA rescue cat is called Rumbles due to the amazing purr he had when I first picked him up for a cuddle!)

  3. Those turned out beautifully! Glad I can be a small part of your amazing community!

  4. Those quilts are very beautiful and give a feeling of peace, nice tunes!

  5. I love the giant feather quilting on the second quilt. Inspires me to try that soon! And kitten love is among the very best love...what a happy face!

  6. Both quilts turned out well. And you've got two more to put together? That's fantastic!! I'm still hoping to finish off my July block in time to mail it off to you. It is currently in pieces on my sewing table.