Thursday, September 29, 2016

Black and White and Bright

It's still technically September and I have the first of the August block drive quilts for Covered in Love to show!  It's been a while since I made that kind of record time.  If you remember, in August we made disappearing 9 patch blocks from black and white fabrics with a bright accent.  There will eventually be 5 of these quilts!

This first quilt was actually a top made completely by Amanda from Louisiana.  She managed to stay high and dry during their recent flooding AND get this entire top done!

Just look at those cute elephants, and scissors!

I quilted just a quick overall stipple.  I backed this one with some yardage sent in by Nancy K. from Tx (thank you!) and bound it with colorful scraps.  Still need to add a label with Nancy K. and Amanda's names.

Next is the first top I assembled. I am going to be playing with a couple of different layouts for these. One upshot of making so many tops is that I don't have to settle on a layout, I can try them all!  This one has the colors running in diagonal stripes. The sun and wind came out to play when I hung this one up.

Lots of cute novelty fabrics in these.

I decided this time to add everyone's home state (or province) onto the label, kinda fun to see where all he blocks are coming from.  Thanks to everyone who pitched in!  We took September off from the block drives but October is back on and I posted the new drive this week!  I hope you'll sew along with us as we make string blocks this month.

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  1. I love those! You picked such a great color combination!

  2. Such wonderful quilts. You have a real knack for pulling together wonderful color and design combos. These quilts are calming and cheery, all at the same time. Thanks for the close up of the chicken soup fabric. I'm a little too fond of it! Strip blocks coming your way soon.

  3. Oh I love the pops of colour, and some of those black and white prints are just fabulous - I love the scissors!

  4. Very happy! This must have been a popular block for everyone. (Mine is still not done)....

  5. I am fairly new to quilting, so I love being able to contribute without committing to anything. One block of something is fun and easy and fun stretch. I can't wait to make my first string blocks. I have backing and some strips for 2 blocks cut. Do you think I can stop after 2? HeHe

  6. Both quilts turned out beautifully! It was fun to see where all of the blocks came from. Thanks for adding that... even if you don't always have room for that information!

  7. What a genius block that D9P ended up being! In the black and white with one pop of bright, it's making some amazing quilts. And kudos to Amanda for sending in an entire top! The backing from Nancy is perfect, too.

    What fabric do you find most useful for backings? Muted colors? Solids? How much do you typically use for a single quilt back?