Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cozy Flannel Quilts

You may remember a while back I was playing on the design wall with flannel scraps that I cut to standard sizes a long long time ago.  Rather than make one bigger quilt I opted to turn those into one medium and one baby quilt, which are finally done! 

The baby quilt is 32" square. Rather than traditional binding I folded the backing over to the front and sewed it down with a decorative stitch.  Both these quilts are exceptionally cozy due to the flannel.

The larger quilt measures 64" square.  I stippled them both, the larger one with a tighter stipple.  Even though I used a fatter-than-usual seam allowance I still worry about the flannel fraying so the heavier quilting will provide support to the fabrics.

I think my mom has her eye on this bigger quilt for a little girl undergoing treatment for leukemia.  That's going to mean a lot of trips through industrial washer-dryers at high heat so the extra quilting is important for that reason, too.

There are lots of fun kid-friendly print in these quilts, some are ooooold.  The Tasmanian devil flannel dates from when my mom made me some pajama pants when I was about 6 and I got to pick my fabric.

No feeling better than cleaning out a box of scraps and turning them into a quilt or two!  I hope you're all having a productive week and a great weekend.

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  1. I'm doing the exact same thing even adding blocks from projects I gave up on

  2. Nothing is more comfy than a flannel. Love the fabric scrappiness.

  3. Gorgeous quilts - lovely heating about some of the fabrics in them.

  4. Oh wow what wonderfully colourful flannel and two gorgeous quilts, I hope it brings the little girl some comfort and joy :)

  5. I agree that nothing is more comfy and cozy than a flannel quilt, and yours is so bright and cheery! Wendy at

  6. Did you put batting in these? They are adorable and I have a ton of flannel scraps!

  7. Did you put batting in these? They are adorable and I have a ton of flannel scraps!

    1. I did use batting, which makes them fairly heavy:)