Monday, November 21, 2016

Quick Tip

Nothing too exciting to post today, just a quick tip about my quilt-top assembly process.  Sometimes after laying out a quilt on the design wall I need to move it off before sewing the blocks together. I stack each column from top to bottom and pin and the top left corner with a numbered pin. I know that the columns are numbered left to right, and the when the blocks are right side up the pin will be in the top left, so this lets me eventually sew the quilt top together in the right order.

As I start sewing the columns together I move the pin to the top left of the top block so I still have the column numbered and right side up.  These pin covers are called "Quilter's Delight" and they snap on to regular quilting safety pins.  Happy sewing!


  1. Ah ha! This makes sense, thank you.

  2. Great tip, I use essentially the same method. Your pins are much better than the scraps of paper I have been using, will look for something like that at my next trip to the LQS.

  3. My question would be where did you get those pins? I also like your color pick for these blocks. I'm a fan of black and white with just a splash of color. Would like to see the finished quilt so I'm now following.