Friday, January 6, 2017

Not-Quite-Finished Friday

It's snowing in Texas and everyone is losing their minds :)  I can tell my internal thermostat was calibrated by being in Illinois because it honestly doesn't feel very cold to me.  The snow is beautiful and fine and will melt by tomorrow. They're saying that by Tuesday it should be in the 70s. That's Texas for you. 

Rory is skeptical of this white stuff falling from the sky

Before I forget I wanted to let you know I am giving Instagram a try, so if you want to follow me there's a link here or up on the menu bar ^^

I started quilting string quilts this week. Rory scared me to death the other night when I didn't know she was asleep under this quilt pile and it suddenly started to move! (As I type this she and Rey are playing a vigorous game of hide-and-pounce over, under, and around the pile.)  Four down, but they aren't bound yet.  I still have loose blocks as well, and know I have a few more still to come. Probably we'll end up with 9 string quilts, I think!

The Bonnie Lass crumbs are still on the wall and slowly growing.  Playing it fast and loose with the math this time worked out and I ended up only needing to make 8 more four-patches to make it work out perfectly!  There are 3 diagonal rows left (I think... or possibly 5) to go in the gap remaining.

It's a good day to put dinner in the crock pot and stay inside and sew! If you're looking for something to sew the CiL January/February block drive is HERE. I worked yesterday and I know there was a patient that passed away in CV ICU who got one of our quilts.  You guys who contribute to CiL are blessing people every day :)

Finally, I've been listening to music by and Irish group, Byrne and Kelly, lately. Here's one of their songs on YouTube I thought you might like :)  (Click to picture above)  It starts with them talking about the song. Skip to 2:27 if you want to start at the music.

Stay warm everybody!

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  1. Your charity quilting is a great project. Snow in Texas? well I guess that's possible, but you don't have what we Michiganders have!
    And it is really cold, in the single digits at night.

  2. I am seriously in LOVE with your Bonnie Lass Quilt!!! I just may have to use that as a Leader/Ender this year.

  3. No snow here in Houston, but it's a great day to stay home and quilt. Nice scrappy quilt

  4. I tried to sew my January/February blocks today, but only got as far as choosing and cutting fabrics. It's 55 degrees in my studio...too cold to hang out in there! At least no snow here, but condensation is causing the boat ceiling to drip :(

  5. Loving that colorful string quilt! I have been snowed in for days now. I hope it melts soon. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  6. It's fun to catch a glimpse of those colorful string blocks! I sure had fun making them. I don't know what happened to me during the November/December block drive, but I'm getting on those January blocks today! :)

  7. Love the looks of your string quilts. I picked up my son's laundry basket and found his younger brother underneath. That sure scared me, I can only imagine the quilt moving when not expected.

  8. Scrappy quilts are my favourite and you have two lovely one happening there.

  9. Your scrap quilts are so inspiring to use my scraps! I've long loved Celtic Thunder and Ryan and Neil. Went to 2 of their concerts in 2012 - very memorable.