Thursday, December 21, 2017

Susannah in the Fall, Part I

The first four Scrappy Susannah block quilts from Covered in Love's Sept/Oct block drive are done!

This block drive used a tutorial by Andy at A Bright Corner in a Fall color scheme and you all made it CiL's biggest block drive to date, both in number of quilters and blocks sent in.  I'm anticipating 13 finished quilts, so that would be our biggest set of quilts from a drive as well!

These first two were pieced and quilted by Kathy C., who I am fortunate enough to know in person!
She did a nice diagonal grid on both. I think the diagonal really sets off the design.  These finished at 60"x72" and Kathy found the perfect fall-colored binding in her stash and they are so cozy and perfect.

I worked a shift the other day and one of the house supervisors saw me and came over to talk about the quilts. She said on a night shift recently an ICU nurse called her and asked her to open the chaplain's office and get a quilt out for a dying patient.  Later she came by to check on the patient and family and said it looked very nice and was touching. I love hearing stories like that, it makes my heart smile :)

She asked the usual questions like, Do you make all the quilts? Who helps you? You don't know them in person? and Why do they want to make quilts for us?  It's hard to explain the internet quilting community to someone who hasn't experienced it! All I can say is, I have a lot of help, and they are awesome!

These next two quilts were pieced by me and quilted by Meloney from South Texas on her longarm. She did a pretty leaf design on the first on and a stipple-spiral on the second.

I ended up setting several of the quilts from this drive on point using this method. These quilts finish at something like 69" square and I love the look it creates.

There will be plenty more of these quilts to come, thanks to so many of you who participated in this block drive! I love this color scheme and I can't wait to get more of these cuddly quilts finished.

I hope you're all looking forward to a very Merry Christmas. Stay warm and enjoy your family and friends!

If you'd like to join in with Covered in Love's mission you can learn more on the main page or check out the block drive.  The current Covered in Love block drive is a cozy patchwork interspersed with pieced blocks. It will run until the new year if you want to help out.  More info here!

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  1. They came out beautifully! It was a fun color scheme to work with. Happy holidays!

  2. It makes my heart smile, too! Stories of how our quilts are used are my favorite part of your blog. Well, after the pictures of the kitties. And the photos of the quilts. Um, actually, I enjoy everything you post :)

    I love how this block looks on point. The After you wrote about the method, I tried it again. So easy and fun!

  3. Those quilts are gorgeous. The fall colors were a perfect choice for that block. Sounds like all your block makers enjoyed making these as 13 quilts from one block drive is totally awesome! Thanks to everyone who participated in the drive to make it a success. It's nice to hear the stories of where the quilts end up & how people react to them. So glad they comfort those who receive them. Thank you, Kat for coming up with this very important way to spread comfort through quilts.

  4. Stunning!! I am so glad to hear that people ask you for details on your hard work. This deserves to be known throughout your community. I know you feel it's not about you but about the recipients. While that's are the heart and soul behind this drive. Without you, each family may have had a very different impression of final moments with their loved one and the hospital experience overall. You provide them with more than just their first step in grieving, but in a warm embrace when it is needed the most.

  5. After the straight set blocks, the on-point setting was a HUGE surprise when I scrolled down the page. The quilts and quilting are AWESOME!!!

  6. Lots of fantastic quilts! Especially LOVE the on-point ones!

  7. Wow, 13 quilts! I love the way these blocks look set together on point.