Sunday, February 11, 2018

Back to your regularly scheduled quilting blog

Thank you to everybody who left nice comments on my last post, I really appreciated it. I've enjoyed this weekend being back home and getting back to my sewing machine. 

Being gone for a little over two weeks, there was a mountain of mail waiting for me at home. (My mail gets taken in while I'm gone so no CiL stuff is sitting outside, don't worry!)  You guys are obviously enjoying making these string blocks (either that or you're just really motivated by the chance at a jelly roll).  Once I inventoried all my mail I got another 350 or so blocks toward the Jan/Feb block drive

I had to do some maintenance sewing first, assembling batting scraps and backings, then rewarded myself by sewing up February's RSC blocks in purple.  In a move that surprises no one, after completing the planned 6 blocks I decided to just keep going through the rest of my purple scraps ;)  Expect to see MANY more of these soon!

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  1. Look at that huge stack of string blocks! You had better get sewing :)

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. Pretty purples, sound like you are on a roll. So many string blocks!

  3. Your RSC blocks look nice. I am glad you got so many blocks for CIL.

  4. A veritable TOWER of string blocks! Did it stay neatly stacked, or did catting happen? Cats are Agents of Entropy, you know.

    I like your RSC blocks a lot. The background grey has real depth to it. Is it a tweedy woven? Printed with something? I can't quite make it out.

  5. You are going to be one busy quilter! I love the colors in RCS quilt. Very calming.

  6. There are going to be MANY string quilts coming out of this block drive!

  7. oh hooray look at the string blocks... that stack inspires me to make some more and send to you !!!!

  8. That's awesome! Is that foot there to protect against the entire stack tumbling over? LOL

  9. ...told ya so...I will be watching my mailbox now... ; )

    1. If you want to send me a stack (hee hee), I can jump in the process sooner.