Thursday, May 30, 2019

Good Stitchers

Hello Covered in Love fans! Sorry for the blogging hiatus, I have been sewing but I didn't have any finishes to show. Until now! These are a couple of quilts that were sent in to me basically finished.

Isn't this quilt the Nurture circle of do. Good Stitches made just the coolest?  Louise put it together and quilted it, and she also had it featured in the latest issue of Curated Quilts!

I love the creative, modern quilting Louise used to accentuate the falling stars pattern.

From the back you can see how the quilting outlines the stars on the front.

Next up, this patriotic quilt was sent in by Holly only lacking a binding.  It took no time at all to add a label and binding and have another finished quilt ready to go! 

Thank you to all the dedicated quilters who support CiL.  I have been sewing away and will have more finished to show soon :)

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  1. Welcome back, Kat!! Thanks for sharing those two fabulous quick (for you) finishes. Looking forward to seeing what the next Block Drive will bring!

  2. That blue and yellow star quilt is adorable! I've never seen that design before. I was glad to see your e-mail in my inbox. I was wondering where you were.

  3. Many, many thanks to Holly and The Other Louise for these gorgeous quilts! Love those twinkly, curvy stars, and you can never go wrong with R/W/B patchwork :)

  4. Two beautiful additions! I really love the blue and yellow quilt, just everything about it is wonderful. The patriotic one will be perfect for a veteran or patriot of either gender.

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  6. Welcome back. Love the quilts. I have several tops, backs & bindings I would like to donate to CIL, would you be interested in finishing them to donate? I am in central Texas if you can do the finishing maybe I can drop them off to you. Thanks, Becky

  7. Love that Falling Stars quilt that Louise put together for CiL. So many quilters (like Louise) are so good at putting the right colors/fabrics together. That's the hardest part of quilting for me. The patriotic quilt will be good for any gender or generation. Fudge is growing up to be a mighty handsome dude!