Thursday, August 26, 2021

Sand and Sea (so far)

Happy Friday! Lots of fun quilts to show this week from the May/June block drive.

As may of you probably remember, Tammy guest hosted the May/June block drive. She picked out a large eye-spy blocks in sand and sea colors and has been steadily finishing them into quilts!

There was a great response to this drive and Tammy has been busy! Fortunately she has help from her friends at a charity quilt shop in Leavenworth Kansas.

I really like the different ways they have come up with to arrange the blocks, like this one with the dark-to-light fades of the background colors. 

They have also made tops grouped thematically based around the focus fabric, like animals and seashells.

It looks like this quilt is full of fish! You can find more photos of these quilts and more information about them on Tammy's blog.

This quilts is full of food pictures. Love the pizza and donut blocks!

This quilt is flowers. Thank you to those who sent in backing fabrics and binding to help Tammy with finishing these.  

I wish I had a shop near me like the Leavenworth Assistance Center Quilt Shop.  Where Tammy volunteers. It sounds kind of like a Goodwill for fabrics and sewing stuff and they have longarms and provide donations to various charities. 

The batik blocks came in from the Piotique Quilters Guild of Clay, Center KS. There are a couple of quilting groups and guilds, as well as groups of friends, who often contribute as a group. 

Tammy has so far sent me 11 finished quilts from the blocks that were sent in to her. I know she has more in various stages of completion.

It sounds like she is not close enough to the end yet to start counting the blocks and figuring out how many quilts are left :) Still just plowing through them. She's taking a "gap year" -practice retirement that might become more permanent-  from her job as a Pharmacist. So big congrats on that!

This quilt came in finished, made by Nancy K. and quilted by her friend Jenn.  Cute beachy themed images. 

And this one was Linda D.'s contribution.  I really liked the quilting motif (and the cute llamas)!

Thank you for visiting and supporting CiL :)

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 800 so far! The July/August drive is running now, check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. What wonderful contributions!

  2. Incredible collection of Sand and Sea quilts, Kat! Thank you to Tammy for hosting this Block Drive. It looks like she had a ton of fun putting the blocks together!

  3. These quilts are awesome! Love all of the different fabrics and sea themed prints. Thank you, Tammy!

  4. Wow that is so cool! Sea and Sand is an awesome combo - they are all so soothing and comforting! And wow - 11 all ready - impressive!!!

  5. Thank you, Tammy for taking on the May/June block drive. Those quilts are turning out so awesome & I know it was a big help to Kat this year.
    I love how these blocks look in the quilts & they are fun yet soothing quilts. Great job on everyone's part!!

  6. I love your posts that show all the blocks in quilts! I’m amazed at the variety and how the volunteers can put them together so cohesively! Great job all!

  7. Every one of these quilts will be treasured! I liked the variety of the layouts.

  8. Oh, these are all so beautiful! Many thanks to Linda, Nancy, Tammy and all her minions for so many wonderful ways to wrap up a family and cover them in love :)