Thursday, October 5, 2023

Pretty Quilt and Pretty Cats

Often when Linda returns a box of block-drive quilts she has long-armed she will include at least one of her own quilts. I especially loved the creative quilting on this one. 

This border is awesome, with the curves intersecting the straight lines and the tiny feathers in the green border. 

Linda does all this with programming on a computerized machine. It's not the same as free motion but still very impressive to me. 

I wanted to remind everyone that Cynthia has a block drive going right now with bright kids blocks. I am thinking that CiL might have a block drive in January. Don't hold me to that, but fingers crossed. 

It's still pretty hot here, in the 90s during the day, but it's finally cooling off at night and I can sleep with my windows open. It's starting to smell like Fall. I did visit Portland a couple weeks ago and the weather was wonderful. 

I thought you would like to see some updates on Mama Squeaky's kittens who were born in the spring.  

The two female kittens went together to one of my coworkers and I get regular updates. They are farm cats and much loved by her children.

Here is a photo of one of the boy kittens, the wild little man who was half white/half orange. As you can see he's settled right in with his new kitty family. 

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  1. Linda's machine quilting is very intricate. It enhances the beauty of the quilt. Love the kitty photos!

  2. I love the soft colors and expert quilting on this piece! Many thanks to Linda for all the time and talent she brings to Covered in Love!

  3. Such a wonderful blessing from Linda and you during a time of mourning!

  4. Thank you for the kind comments. I am honored to quilt for this group.