Thursday, August 17, 2017

Grab Your Sunglasses

Watch your eyes, this is going to be bright!

This is the bright patchwork top I made from charm packs before the summer.  Meloney quilted it on her long-arm and she did a beautiful job with swirls in bright green thread!

This quilt is LOUD enough to stand up to green thread.  It's 54"x72", a good sized for covering up with on the couch.

This quilt has already been taken up to the hospital along with 19 others, bringing our total to 220 for Covered in Love!   220 quilts made by donations from quilters around the world to bring comfort to mourning families.

The current Covered in Love block drive just began and it's a red, white, and blue star free-for-all.  This drive will run until the end of August if you want to help out.  More info here

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Friday, August 11, 2017


Yes, I'm finally home from my summer in Santa Fe. It was a good summer, full of ups and downs. Nice to step back from working on CiL a bit, but of course that just meant I had different problems to focus on :P

Tent Rocks, NM
My summer included:
  • a deathly ill dog, a midnight run around Santa Fe for blood to transfuse, and a miraculous recovery
  • facial shingles (not mine) which invaded an eye and led to post-herpetic neuralgia
  • a young-adult with Down Syndrome who caught chicken pox
  • multiple dental surgeries (not mine)
  • installing an IKEA kitchen
  • attempting online dating (marginal success, mostly stressful)
I feel like I'm forgetting some things, but that's a start anyway.  I am glad to be back home to my regular, boring life!  I was greeted by a knee-high pile of mail. Opening boxes is always exciting! 

I've opened and sorted everything at this point. Yesterday I labeled all the quilts from the May/June block drive that Cynthia so wonderfully put together.  Look for a post on them coming soon. Today I went to the post office, working on getting fresh tops out to the volunteer quilters :) The kitties are happy to see me, of course. Rey immediately resumed her post as block inspector. 

There were some wonderful surprises in the mail.  Aurifil and QT Fabrics both sent donations to CiL, thanks to Nicki K. who took it upon herself to ask around for me!  I'll be posting more about them both later, but definitely think about showing them some love if you're in the market for thread or fabrics. 

Jovie, the day she came home from the vet

And of course there were lots of blocks, tops, and fabrics sent in by wonderful quilters around the country.  Your support not only keeps CiL going, but this summer it allowed me to go support my friends.  Thank you all!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

More Baby Shibori

You may have seen my post a few weeks ago about my experiments with Shibori dyeing.   You can either look at my previous post or Google "nui-shibori" to see more about how these designs are made.  In the meanwhile I've I added a bottle of red dye to my stash and have tried a few more techniques.

For both of the onesies above I sewed through only the front or back of the onesie at a time, rather than through the front and back layers together. The designs come out a little bit finer when sewing through only one layer and it allows to put different designs on the front and back. The back of the heart onesie is below.

The heart onesie has already found its baby and is in use, along with the jellyfish onesie from the previous post :)  Nothing makes a crafter happier.  The faded heart t-shirt below is getting regular use already, too.  The fade is created by clipping the shirt to the edge of the dye bath and lowering a bit more in every ten minutes. 

For this one I did sew through all the layers at once, so you can see above how the back looks.

The t-shirt above was purely an experiment, with a stitch pattern in sort of a zigzag. It didn't come out like I expected (when do they ever) but after rinsing I liked the effect.

For both of these I sewed through the front and back layers.  You can see their backsides below.  I wasn't aiming for an American flag effect with the one on the left (I was actually thinking of those sliders on a sound control board), but I think now that I know the technique I could probably make one. 

Fixing up this post has given me several new ideas and inspired me to get back to stitching!  I hope you're all having a fantastic summer. I'm going to be back to my sewing machine and a considerable stack of mail very soon, so you can all brace yourselves for plenty of CiL posts coming soon!

Please enjoy these photos of Jovie, the prettiest princess

The new Covered in Love block drive is running now and it's a red, white, and blue star free-for-all.  This drive will run until the end of August if you want to help out.  More info here

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Listening to... I was introduced to Tex-Mex music this summer. A mix of traditional Mexican music with Bavarian influences that German immigrants brought to south Texas.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Different Kind of "Craft"

Sew Some Love is on hiatus this week. I thought instead I'd show you some pictures of my summer project here in Santa Fe. I've been helping my friends to install an IKEA kitchen.

before shot

Above you can see the left side of the kitchen area, which is where we started.  I think July 5th was the day we officially began.

These are about 1/4 of the boxes that contained our kitchen. There were around 200 boxes.

First cabinet in.  Assembling IKEA cabinets is basically like Lego for grownups.  Installing them into a kitchen takes more construction knowledge and skill, so the the first time I am learning to use power tools.

Construction is even more similar to quilting than I always suspected it would be.

The left side of the kitchen is nearly done. We've made quite a bit of progress since this photo was taken a couple days ago.  What do you think about IKEA? Love it or hate it?