Saturday, February 20, 2010

My first real quilt

This was my first real quilt. I finished it in Sept. of 09 (I began quilting mid August). It's based on Wonderland Garden by Jaquie of Tallgrass Quilts.

It's twin size (shown on a full size bed) and very scrappy. I named mine "Garden Together" because the panels show a mother and daughter gardening and doing other summer-time activities that remind me of spending time with my mother at home.

I quilted it with two inch wide crosshatching using masking tape as a guide. This was definitely a learner quilt, as are all my quilts. It has mistakes in the quilting and piecing, but I prefer to leave them in and move on than to pick them out. This quilt isn't ever going anywhere. It currently lives on my old bed at my parents' house.

The black kitty making a cameo here is Admiral, my roommate's cat.

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  1. Ok, so hat's off to you. It looks like you're self taught ! So impressive. I don't think I'd have managed without someone showing me what to do and I still need her lol.