Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Authentic Quilt

This couch quilt or lap quilt was about my 2nd or 3rd quilt. It was finished in October of last year and given as a Christmas gift to my thesis advisor. I used Moda Authentic fabric which has that lovely word-sy feel. Perfect since my thesis is on credibility in online journalism and my advisor is a former reporter.

The pattern is one I saw in a photo online somewhere; I couldn't even begin to tell you where. I bound it with one of my favorite stash staples, a cream on black design with ornate curves. It's quilted with deliberately not-quite-straight parallel lines about an inch and a half apart. I remember listening to some of Eddie Izzard's comedy shows while I was quilting this. I kept having to stop quilting because I was laughing so hard. You should really check him out if you never have before.

This quilt generated a ton of scraps which I incorporated into a bed sized quilt I'll upload here later.

Here is the obligatory picture of Wilson and my roomie's cat, Admiral, soaking up the warmth of my desk lamp and generally being in the way. You can see the top of my fabric storage system underneath the desk. It's improved since then, I promise!

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