Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finish! "Pockets" Memory Quilt

A few days ago I finished the "Pockets" memory quilt. This is the second quilt I have made for my cousin from her father's clothes. (The first was the Harley T shirt quilt here.) This one used a single red jumpsuit, one he used to wear at work. It was full or lots of interesting pockets and seams and worn spots. I tried to preserve the character of the clothing in the finished quilt.
My cousin doesn't have any children yet, but I'm sort of assuming one day she will.  This quilt was made with her future kids in mind, so they can have a piece of their grandfather with them.  All the pockets and zippers work. I imagine HotWheels cars and Barbie dolls going for rides in these pockets.

I'm trying not to buy any new fabric this fall so I ended up using two different browns on the front. I blended them with some red stripes of varying widths.  I also pieced together several pieces for the back and added the patch from the coveralls.

Cute kid-friendly fabrics in one of my favorite color schemes bordering the red patches.  I very simply quilted in the ditch around the patches.
I like the signs of life, paint stains and worn holes, in quilts like these.  After I take this to show-and-tell at the LQS Saturday this will be in the mail to Mississippi.

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