Thursday, October 11, 2012

HST Insanity...

Pressed HSTs for a few hours last night.  Is that pile getting ANY smaller?!
 I'd been sort of toying with the idea of making an "Ocean Waves" quilt for a friend of mine.  It was a someday sort of project.  Well, when said friend announced intentions to come for a visit around Christmas that 'someday' project suddenly went to the top of my priority list! 

For reasons that I can only credit to temporary insanity I decided to make this quilt with 2" HSTs and without borders to help fill it out.  ...Oh my.  To make a decent sized twin quilt that's (72) 8" blocks or 864 HSTs or (1,152) 2" units or 2016 individual pieces in this quilt! No matter how you think about it, it's a much more labor intensive quilt than I usually tackle.

With a burst of productivity in the past couple days I got all the HSTs cut and sewn and spent about 2 hours pressing them last night.  Today I started assembling the blocks.  So far I have learned that I CAN get away without trimming all those little devils (Hallelujah!) but I CAN'T avoid pressing the seams open.  I have my little Clover mini-iron out to help with pressing all those seams open and I've already burnt my finger good to start the day off.
This is what 864 freshly pressed HSTs looks like, in case you were wondering.
This quilt is putting up a fight, but I will prevail!

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