Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scrappy Potential

I got a few of these large jars from the local BBQ place to stuff scraps in.
I've always wanted to make a ticker tape quilt and the time has finally come! This stuffed jar of scraps is about to become a ticker tape quilt with minky backing for a little girl.  I couldn't resist staring it today. I plan to do just a little bit every day and slowly work my way across the quilt.

I normally don't start a new project until I've finished the last one. I like to finish things and I usually don't have a lot of UFOs around.  For some reason though I'm going through a phase where I have a lot of ideas that I just can't wait to get started on.  I think I have four quilts actively in the works right now.
I am still putting together blocks on the Ocean Waves quilt. So far I have 13 blocks out of 72 done. On the bright side I love the way it looks. On the down side, 59 blocks to go...

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