Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend WIP

This was a good weekend for sewing.  In addition to finishing the Sail Away quilt (post coming later this week) I got the backing put together for the Bird Houses quilt and basted it.  This one has been sitting around for a while just waiting for the backing to be finished.  In the end, the shade of brown solid on the back isn't quite dark enough, but this is a case where done is better than perfect.

I pin baste my quilt and usually I can shut the pins by hand, although it hurts my finger nails.  In an effort to save my nails I tried something different today.  There's a tool called a Kwik Klip that's designed to close safety pins and save your nails.  I decided to try something similar with a wooden chop stick.

Homemade safety pin closer

Carving a couple of shallow grooves all the way around the end of the chop stick gave the pins a place to catch.  It's a little awkward at first to figure out how to best use the tool and get your rhythm, but once I got the hang of it I'd say it's as fast as closing them by hand.  And best of all, no sore nails! 

I am working through Wednesday, but after that I am looking forward to getting this one quilted.  Linking up to Design Wall (um-- make that Design Floor) Monday at Patchwork Times.


  1. My mom's got one of those kwik klip things and I've always loved it. I'm definitely going to try the chopstick version!

  2. Leah Day uses those pinmoors. I am thinking about trying those out.

  3. I knew I had saved thost chop sticks for some reason! See, that I why I can nver toss anything out, I will eventually need it!

  4. That is EXACTLY what I did too! Couldn't justify spending $10 on something I knew I could make myself for free, haha. I think it is faster than using my fingers too. Great minds think alike ;-)