Monday, December 23, 2013

Bow Tie block {Quilt-as-You-Go Simple Sampler}

Welcome to week 7 and block 9 in the Quilt-as-You-Go Simple Sampler!  This is the last block!

Today's block, just in time for Christmas, is the simple but classic Bow tie.

Cut (2) 4.5" squares each from your background and focus fabrics, plus (1) 3" square from your focus fabric.

Crosscut the 3" square to make 2 triangles. Position one of the triangles over one corner of one of the background squares, right sides together, as shown.  You should be able to eyeball a 45 degree angle between the long side of the triangle and the corner of the square. You should have 1/4" "dog ears" hanging off both edges of the square.  Err toward placing the triangle too close to the corner rather than too far away.

Sew across the triangle.  Fold up the triangle to make sure it completely covers the piece of the square behind it.  If everything looks good cut away the extra triangle of background fabric and toss it in your scraps. (What can you do with a few hundred tiny triangles?)  Repeat with the second background square and triangle. Press toward the darker fabric and trim to make sure it is still 4.5" square.

Layout the pieces as shown. Sew into pairs, pressing the seam toward the focus square.

Here's a picture of the pressing on the backside to show how the seams nest.

Sew it all together and measure to be sure it finishes at 8.5".

Check the index post for info on how to add borders and make a Quilt-as-You-Go Sandwich!

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