Friday, December 20, 2013

Just in time for Christmas!

I got my commissioned quilt done, just in time for Christmas!  Unfortunately I don't have too many pictures. The lighting here was abysmal this morning (and it actually started misting down rain on me while I was trying to get pictures. Ew! Like all (k)ats I am opposed to getting wet.)  The quilt is going to its forever home sometime this afternoon, so this was my only chance for pics.

I made this quilt for an 11 year old boy with a love of the game Minecraft. Mom wanted a quilt that uses the colors of the game but would grow with him once his interests change.  I used 6 different Kona solids to create a woven, plaid effect.  There are 2 teals, 2 blues, and 2 greens set in 12" squares.

I backed it with a green flat sheet and quilted a plaid patten with bright blue thread.  There are 2 lines of quilting outlining each seam and 3 lines through the center of each block.  I had intended to do some more elaborate quilting but simply ran out of time.  I'll have to revisit this technique later.

The binding is strips of the same six Kona solids.  I lucked out with a request for a quilt in some of my very favorite colors :)  The finished quilt measures 60"x84", intended for a twin bed.

Making this quilt was a real eye opener as far as the cost of quilting.  Even for this simplest-of-all designs, the cost for supplies was nearly $100.  I didn't even attempt to quantify the cost of labor.

In other exciting news this week, this showed up in the mail, causing me to literally squeal with delight. There was no indication of the sender, but I (correctly, it turns out) guessed that it must have been sent by my friend Libby who blogs at No Airplane Here.  Thanks Libby!!

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  1. I love the colors and design you selected for this quilt. I agree with the cost of supplies. When you can buy a quilt at walmart for $20, it is sometimes hard for people to understand when your costs to make a quilt are in the triple digits.

  2. That is a great quilt for a boy! Well anyone, but I think those colors and that pattern will continue to appeal to him throughout highschool and beyond!

  3. You did a great job fulfilling her request. It is perfect for a boy who currently loves Minecraft.

  4. Great job on the quilt! I can see the Minecraft connection. I have seen the calendar on another blog - looks like a good laugh! Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. That is a great quilt! And the calendar is pretty cool, too. Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. very nice! cost is one of many reasons i don't take on commissions. it's extremely difficult for non-quilters to understand the costs involved in something handmade when they can go to one of the big box stores and pick up something for far less money. they start to flinch at just the cost of materials ... forget about even attempting to factor in compensation you for your time.