Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Look What Santa Brought!

Santa did good this year (but then, he had some good help!)

I got the ladder-type quilt rack that I have been asking for.  Already decked out with scrap quilts, old and new.

This happy mail came yesterday, a pillow from my Nurture Circle swap sister @ do. Good Stitches!  Thanks so much to Kari for the fabulous gift. I didn't get a very good picture, but the trunk of the tree has wood grain fabric and those HSTs are really small!  It is backed with the cutest ornament fabric and has a zipper closure. It already has a place of honor in out living room.

My swap sister was Stephanie and now that she has received her gift I can show you this little pouch I made. I don't have very good pics, unfortunately.   I made a strip of improv pieced crumbs and surrounded it with the textured black fabric I found.  Then I densely quilted the whole thing with different colors of thread.

Sister on the left and Bear on the right.
Finally, possibly best of all, we got babies this Christmas! Our beloved ferret passed away suddenly earlier this month. After a couple of weeks of grieving we decided that we should think about getting another (which turned into two once we went to the pet store and met them).  Although the will never be another like her, these will be special, too. They bring so much joy to our lives, and I think we give them a pretty great life, too :) 

Merry Christmas every one!!


  1. Love the ladder displaying your scrappy quilts! Your new little weasels are so cute! I am so sorry you lost your ferret. They are only here with us a short time, but, provide such entertainment and companionship!

  2. Sorry to hear about Artemis, but these two are cute! Also, I love the quilt ladder

  3. I do like your quilt rail, what a fab way to show off your quilts.
    Also I love those cute little ferrets, I've never owned one but I had a couple of rats for a while and loved them, I think small animals are so cute and inquisitive. Have fun with them.