Friday, May 23, 2014

Bibs and Bags

Lately I have been sewing on a lot of things that are not quilts.  First I made a couple of Noodlehead Open Wide bags for my trips to DC.
Wilson helped with photos
I made a medium sized bag out of suede for my toiletries and a small bag for my electronics.  Both worked great!

In the electronics bag I used elastic and some buttons to put in a few cord tamers.

The other thing I have been making is baby bibs. I am using the Bapron pattern from Craftiness is not Optional.

I bought a few of these a couple years ago from another quilter and every parent I gave one to raved about how they are the best bib EVER!  As you can see, I got somewhat carried away making them, but I am sure I'll have no trouble giving them away :) I've already given away 4 little boy bibs.

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  1. Those Baprons are too cute. I had to go get the pattern because a friend is having a baby in August and I think she is going to need some of those.

  2. All those little aprons are just adorable! I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding homes for them to go to.

  3. The bibs are so cute and practical.

  4. Great job all 'round. I love useful sewing - and when useful meets cute, it's all the better :)

  5. Gee, Kat, I love those baprons, were they hard to make? They're lovely.