Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Salty" Another Sailing Themed Quilt :)

This quilt has been a UFO for far too long!  It's been basted since probably New Years, quilting was the hold up.  All done now!

The quilt has a patchwork of progressively taller pieces of aqua and low volume fabrics. I used some Tula Pink "Saltwater" and some Sarah Jane "Out to Sea" to keep the theme.

Ultimately I went simple for the quilting. A stipple in the patchworks and large waves in the borders and sashing.  I LOVE the way the waves look. And so easy to FMQ, too!

The patchwork sections are bordered in an aqua solid and I used the same fabric for the binding.

The backing is a polka dot aqua, blue, and black on white.

I feel like stippling is a lazy way to quilt, but you just can't beat it for texture.  I had originally tried to straight-line quilt the patchworks but it was pretty much a disaster. Stippling went without a hitch!  The quilt finished about 60" square and is awaiting its forever home :)

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  1. This is fantastic! I agree - the waves quilting is the perfect complement to the quilt and especially that border fabric. Well done!!
    ~ Tracy

  2. "Salty" is a great quilt! Love the colors and the quilting is perfect! :) Beautifully done!

  3. Brilliant! The waves are fabulous, and the whole quilt is perfectly sea themed. xxx

  4. I'm jealous you think FMQ waves is easy - I can never make a pleasing shape! Anyway, love the aqua ^_^

    1. Come to think of it, that aqua solid looks almost exactly like what I'm about to bind my Swoon quilt in. No wonder I like it...

  5. I love the way you used the sailboats! Makes me really wish I had more of them. :D And who cares if stippling is "lazy" - the really lazy way of quilt making is a trip to a store to buy one. You put a lot of time and effort into making it, its okay to take the easy way out once in awhile. And done is better than complicated. :D

  6. love your quilt , following you now

  7. This quilt is great. I really like the progressively taller aqua pieces, and how you have bordered them, and the sail boats and wave quilting just add a uniqueness to the quilt, which I love.

  8. Love this quilt, gorgeous seasidey colours, and I think your quilting is perfect for it.