Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Working Late Wednesday

Tonight I have been basting, that least favorite of all quilting tasks.

First was this hand print quilt, which will be a gift for a retiring teacher.  Someone accidentally volunteered me to make this one (insert indignant sigh here).  With supervision my mom mostly pieced the top (she felt guilty), but I'll be doing the quilting and binding.  I think the design we chose turned out pretty good.

Second was the crumb scrap quilt I've been working on.  The further along this one gets the more I like it.  I've decided it's going to be a wedding quilt for a coworker.  Best of all, the scrap busting continues!

This is a late addition to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. I think the hand-print quilt turned out wonderful. My mom has a way of volunteering me for things too. Gotta love 'em.

  2. is tough to get wrapped up in a project that wasn't on your radar. I can say that I bet that handprint quilt is going to be really special for a teacher, and I don't know if you have quilting plans, but the handprints are so precious, it seems like you'll be able to do something pretty simply with the quilting and still have the project turn out wonderfully.

  3. I love the handprint quilt. I retire in two years and would love to have one then. No one in my group quilts, whaddya think? Would you like another unexpected quilt to make? Aren't you amazed when you tell someone you quilt and they say, "Oh could you make me one with ..." Here's someone who needs to do a shadow with a quilter! I'm amazed at your nine patch. I love scrappy but so many times I'm afraid to just go out there willy nilly. Yours inspires me!

  4. Love that hand-print quilt. Such a great memento, but I'm sorry you got volun-told to make it. Is someone going to put one last hand-print in the corner? :) Excellent work.

  5. That teachher is going to be so happy. what a lovely memento