Thursday, December 8, 2016

Middle-of-the-Road Christmas Stockings

Hello! 'Tis the Season once again and I've just finished making a batch of Christmas stockings for gifting.  I've made fancy, fully lined stockings before, but as I was making quite a few quickly that was off the table. Still, I didn't just want to sew together 2 fabrics pillowcase-style.  So-- I developed a new method for making nice but quick stockings. If your interested I have a tutorial with LOTS of photos here.

(names obscured to protect the surprise)

These stockings have solid backings with holiday fabrics, fronts pieced from scraps, and flannel false-cuffs with embroidered names. 

My sewing inspector had to check everything out...

I embroidered the recipients names on the stocking cuffs.  Prior to nursing I worked several years running an embroidery machine and my old boss let me come back and make these :)  I didn't think I remembered how to use the machine, but once I started I found out my fingers still remembered.

I called this a "false cuff" because it only goes across the front of the stocking and is sewn into the side seams.  It's a lot easier to make than a full cuff, but it makes the stocking look fancier. 

I think the 9 stockings have 4 different holiday fabrics for backs.  Of course these will be stocked with goodies before Christmas :)  I hope your holiday season is off to a good start! Remember, if you're interested in a tutorial for my middle-of-the road stockings it's here.

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  1. They look great! I kinda wish I had someone to make a stocking for, just so I could try your tutorial. Such a great way to use holiday themed scraps. And I suppose those of us without access to an embroidery shop could try FMQ to write the name across the cuff.