Thursday, February 9, 2017

Applique Quilts Courtesy of Meg

We all have our weaknesses, Achilles heels, when it comes to quilting.  Mine (well, one of mine) is applique. I absolutely hate applique.

That's why it was an especially pleasant surprise when Meg from Colorado sent in 4 gorgeous tops with a mix of applique and piecing. 

Of course anyone can participate with Covered in Love by donating to the block drives, but I also accepts WIPs and tops that need quilting to finish off for donation.

These tops of Meg's are gorgeous.  I especially love the careful Celtic knot-work on the one with the angel.

The pink one above is made from flannel, so soft and pretty.

Meg said she worried this last one, with the log cabins, was too far gone to be any good. One of her earlier quilts, not squared or flat-lying.  Oh ye of little faith ;)  I flattened the top out and quilted the bejezzus out of it, squared up the edges and I think it looks just lovely!

Thank you to Meg, and so many others, who continue to donate to Covered in Love.  I dropped off more quilts a week or so ago and snapped a photo of Chaplain Perry, the Ham, with the delivery.  If you want to participate in the Jan/Feb block drive you can find it here.

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  1. Oh, wow! What a generous donation of such gorgeous quilt tops! Big thanks to Meg! They look wonderful all quilted up and ready to comfort the families. The pink flannel one is my favorite, which is funny because I'm not a big pink fan.

    I don't like doing applique, either. The friend who got me started quilting LOVES it and was convinced I would, too. Nope. Nope. One way ticket to Nopeville. Give me machinery, the more industrial, the better!

    But I'm glad folks like Meg and my friend are out there, creating beautiful quilts like these :)

  2. These quilts are truly gorgeous. Kat, I agree with you that applique is not for me. It feels too slow and tedious. I can only imagine the number of hours that went into making each of those tops. Lucky you to be the next in line to complete and donate them!!

  3. LOVE the flannel AND Log Cabin quilts!! That photo of the chaplain is priceless.

  4. Everyone of those is fabulous. Meg will surely be blessed for her wonderful Act of Mercy. Blessings,

  5. Those have turned out just gorgeous, Kat! Meg is my quilty friend here in Colorado and I told her about Covered in Love. I'm so happy that her quilt tops can be used to comfort someone from your hospital.

  6. I join you in the applique avoidance but I sure do love the looks of it! Wow, these quilts are amazing! Found you on Crazy Mom Quilts!

  7. What gorgeous applique and how generous of Meg to donate them all. You have done a great job of finishing them up too.

  8. I love appliqued quilts but I could never do anything as beautiful & intricate as Meg's quilts. Those are absolutely beautiful & they will be cherished by a family who needs to be wrapped in love.