Thursday, November 30, 2017

Racing Finishes

I'm on a roll this week.

Wednesday's post had my latest top, a jelly roll race, and today I have 2 more made by Theresa and quilted by me.

The first is this very pretty blue quilt with floral fabrics.  The second reminds me of picnics in summertime with its bright colors and daisies.

I quilted both with a stipple and they crinkled up nicely after a wash.  These are quilts number five and six from the box Theresa sent me for Covered in Love!

Meantime, work continues on assembling and quilting the blocks from the last block drive.  Rory has been quality testing the early finishes.

If you'd like to join in with Covered in Love's mission you can learn more on the main page or check out the block drive.  The current Covered in Love block drive is a cozy patchwork interspersed with pieced blocks. It will run until the new year if you want to help out.  More info here

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  1. I especially like the red and white and cream quilt! Keep up the wonderful momentum!!

  2. Both of those quilts turned out great!!

  3. Such nice jelly roll race quilts. Thanks to Theresa for all she has contributed. Makes me want to make one soon. Seems like Rory has approved the quilt from the last block drive. How fortunate you are to have such a good quality control department. :)

  4. On a roll...ha ha! I heard the rim shot all the from Texas to Florida :)