Thursday, January 31, 2019

Eye- Spy some finished quilts

Fudge-y is proud to present the first 6 quilts from this past year's eye spy block drive for Covered in Love!

I had to take photos inside due to the weather so much of the country is having this week, but these quilts are still pretty spectacular.

I LOVE all the unique, fussy-cut patches.  Each 60"x70" quilt has 168 unique eye-spy images.

One reason I like this block drive so much is because the many different images give family members a lot to look at and opportunities to find something they connect to in the quilt.

The first three quilts on this page were made by me, the last three were assembled and quilted by Kathy C.

The great diversity of the eye-spy images comes from the many quilters who participated in this drive.  As always, many thanks to you all!

I hope you are all staying warm this week an doing well in the new year. I have been job hunting for an NP job and have a couple of promising prospects. Meanwhile, I am still working as a nurse.

I've also found a small house (not quite a tiny house), and if it ever stops raining it will be moved to my parents' lot.  I'm looking forward to renovating it a little and anxious to move in! I'll be sure to post some pictures here one I begin to make progress :)

Many of you have already sent in blocks for the Jan/Feb drive: thank you! If you haven't yet there's still plenty of time if you want to get involved, see the link below :)

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 400 so far! The Jan/Feb drive is going on now.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved.

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  1. Congrats on six super fun finished quilts!!! You are right. There are SEW many opportunities for a family to connect with images on these quilts! These are sure to brighten someone's day (at the very least, they will bring a little smile.)

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous, and so is Kitty !

  3. I love these quilts and this is one of my favorite blocks! It's perfect for a block drive so that the quilts end up with a wonderful variety of tiny images. The soft cream/red/navy colors keep it all under control and soothing. Many thanks to all the hands that helped!

    I'm excited to hear about your new house and job search! Big adulty changes afoot for you :)

  4. The quilts came out wonderful! I love that photo of Fudge with the stack of quilts!

  5. The quilts are fabulous. I have a grown up version of Fudge, but he would rather drag the quilts around and mess them up.

  6. Just charming!!!! I could not imagine what these quilts would look like when I thought that block was pretty ugly alone. Ended up making a bunch as it became addictive searching for images!
    Guess I will start saving little scraps for the next time.... Good luck with the job search & the new house!!!! Go Kat!

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  8. ok, something weird happened to my first post so I deleted it. Here's a good one from me. :)

    The eye spy blocks were a lot of fun to make & it's great to see them made up into quilts by you & Kathy C. I like to look at all the different blocks that were sent in. Fudge-y is turning out to be a really good quilty friend & helper. Hoping that you find just the right job at the right place & time. Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing your little house & the renovations you make on it. I'm so impressed with those "tiny" houses on t.v. & just what can be done with them to utilize space.

  9. Oh I love the Eye Spy quilts. The red, navy, white and gold look perfect around the blocks.

  10. This was one of my favorite blocks to do! I think it’s a great idea for grownups and kids alike!

  11. I was a bit frustrated because i dont have many novelties but i am excited to see my blocks in these quilts!

  12. I so enjoyed making these blocks. I have to look for something to motivate me, and this block was it for me. I had so much fun doing them and now that I can find some of them in the quilts, it just tickles me to think someone will enjoy finding them in the I spy quilts. Thanks for all you do!