Thursday, September 12, 2019

do. Good Stitches

No big finishes this week, but I do have a few blocks I finally finished for the NURTURE circle of do. Good Stitches.

  Based on how long they took me to finish they merit a Friday post! I also dropped off 22 more quilts at the hospital this past week :)

Over here being smothered by kitty love.


  1. Great blocks! And I'm glad to see you Covered in (Cat) Love :)

  2. I like the blocks. They would have fit nicely in your star collection for summer. I finally sent my two to you on Monday!

  3. I bet the Chaplain was glad to see those 22 quilts come in. Thanks for the contribution!
    I can see why it took a while to make those blocks. They are really pretty. Kitty love is the best! There's no lack of love between you & them.

  4. wow, someone is getting the cat crush! hope they don't get too much kitty hair tickle from that.