Thursday, May 27, 2021

Christy's Cozy Shirtings Quilts

I've been needing to, and wanting to, get these tops that Christy sent in  to CiL quilted for a while.  Christy makes a lot of quilts with shirtings, which are fabrics recycled from men's shirts.   You can see some of her previous quilts here.

I love the color palettes this creates, and I think the shirts must be a nice reminder for families. 

I think this large quilt with the vertical strips is especially cool.  

It got a great backing, too, made from leftover bits of backing from all the red, white, and blue star quilts from last July's block drive that we have been gradually finishing.  I was able to make two if these backings. 

Cute little churndash quilts with some pinks and purples.

All the quilts got an easy stipple that made them crinkle up really well in the wash.

Speaking of the wash, my over-worked, second-hand dryer quit working this week and had to have some repairs. On the bright side, the entire thing can be taken apart with a screw driver.  Thanks to my dad we're back in business.  

I'm glad it's back in one piece. I certainly won't miss the sound of the cats rolling the displaced dryer drum across the floor like a hamster wheel at 3 am...

For the most part I was able to find plaids, flannels, homespuns, and other fabrics that generally matched the tone of the tops to use for the backs.

Nice simple pinwheel design but it looks so warm and cozy in the blue and yellows. 

Besides her shirtings tops, Christy also sent in a few others (including some I haven't quilted yet). This red, white, and blue star quilt is counting in with last year's batch of July Stars.  

Christy said it's a Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt by Alycia Quilts.  I checked with Alycia and she says the pattern is Under the Starry Sky and is available on Etsy.

I've just finished up another long week at the hospital, now I'm relatively free for two weeks (it's a weird schedule).  Hoping for some sunny days, or at least less rain, so I might get some more photos taken!

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 700 so far! During May/June Tammy is hosting our block drive on her blog.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. All very nice, but my favorite is the first quilt.

  2. That's a nice collection of quilts. Great backings and great quilting too. Thanks to you and Christy generously donation your time and materials.

  3. Love the shirting quilts!!! so very snuggly... guess I need to pick up some men's shirts!!!! Enjoy your break from work - yes, that is a weird schedule! - but I think I would like it!!!!

  4. Way to go, Christy and Kat!!! Such cozy quilts for Covered in Love. These are ALL fabulous and are sure to touch the hearts of their recipients!!

  5. How nice to get a group of "manly" quilts for CiL. I love the quilts made from shirts. They look so much like "home" to me. You've been so busy this year with your job & your charity. Don't forget to take some time out for yourself. Hugs to you!

  6. Oooohhhh, I'll bet those shirting quilts are so soft after washing! What gorgeous pieces. Many thanks to Christy for piecing so many wonderful donations. And you've been a lean, mean quilting machine, Kat! Glad your drying is working again. I'm a big fan of old school appliances that can actually be repaired :)

  7. wonderful quilts - Those shirting ones are so cool - and of course! Under the starry sky ;-)

  8. Your quilts are absolutely beautiful and you have giving me much inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. I love plaid and striped shirtings! Shopping at the Goodwill store is one of my favorite secret indulgences to find cotton shirts to recycle for quilts. I’m laughing at the thought of the cats playing with the dryer drum.