Thursday, May 13, 2021

Finally Wrapping Up 2019 Block Drive

Yes, that's right, these quilts are late-finishers from the Sept-Oct 2019 block drive.  These four tops were sent in by Gail and "aged" for a while until Linda quilted them! Perhaps a record for longest block drive running?  

Honestly it's nice to have quilts pop up so long after a drive, makes the design seem special again. And of course Linda's wonderful quilting puts them over the top. 

I had to take a picture of some of the backings, too. Gail always sends in the best backings with her tops.  Aren't these batik butterflies a beauty?

I really enjoyed sharing some of my favorite things to watch with you last Friday and I got some great recommendations, too.  I hope some of you found something you like to watch.  

Lovely swirly feathers, they look like butterflies.  

This drive is a good reminder of why I like half-square triangle designs so much.  They are just so versatile and can be laid out so many different ways.  

Sweet flower quilting!

Believe it or not, this backing is actually more saturated and deeply colored in person!

This lovely blue patchwork top was a bonus one sent along by Gail and finished by Linda.  It's so charming and cozy looking.

As much as I love elaborate swirling quilted feathers, I'm a sucker for geometric designs like these double zigzags.

Linda sent along this quilt of her own as an H2H donation.  I'm pretty sure the block is one of those where you sew one block and then cut it apart, similar to a disappearing nine patch, but I'm not sure what the original block was. 

A close up of the awesome back-and-forth wiggles quilting.  Thank you so much Linda!

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 700 so far! During May/June Tammy is hosting our block drive on her blog.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. I love the versatility of those blocks, Kat. That may have been my favorite block drive EVER!! Gail did a great job with the setting and Linda's beautiful quilting made the quilts extra special.

  2. I loved all of the beauties today. The quilts made from the long ago block drive were really neat arranged in different ways and the yellow/red HST combo was eye-catching!!

  3. I’m truly amazed at the beautiful quilts that happen when blending so many different fabrics. This block was fun to do, and it made fabulous quilts! Thanks for showing more!

  4. These are all beautiful quilts!

  5. Beautiful!! and I like all the different ways you cam set the blocks!

  6. Linda's quilting is so wonderful! I enjoy seeing these blocks again, too, plus her new ones. Many thanks to Linda, who is such a stalwart CiL supporter :)

  7. Gail & Linda teamed up to finish some beautiful quilts. I remember that block drive & enjoyed making some blocks for it & they were fun to make & put up on my design wall to see various ways they could go. Gail's quilt tops turned out so very, very pretty & of course Linda's quilting is always awesome! Thanks to the gals for their great contributions to CiL.

  8. I'd like to follow Tammy since I'm from Kansas too, but the link at the top right under contributors isn't working. Can you share the name of her blog?? Hoping to get some blocks made and sent to her too! Thanks!

  9. The quilts you shared are so beautiful! Very different and yet so very lovely....thank you for sharing!

  10. Some things just have to age to be properly enjoyed. These quilts form the 2019 block drive are great and really highlight the many ways blocks can be arranged to create interesting variations. Thanks to Gail and Linda and to all who contribute to keep CiL thriving.

  11. I like all the quilts! Great choices were made for the backing fabrics. The variety in the block drive quilts and the other donated quilts is always an amazing display of creativity and color.

  12. Those quilts are all so beautiful and I love the vibrant, cheerful colors. These will be such a comfort!