Friday, October 29, 2021

No quilts, have a cat

 I'm sorry, Friday snuck up on me this week and I didn't get a post done. The Nov/Dec block drive post will be up in the next few days.  Meanwhile, here is Fudge with his 3 step plan for cool Fall weather.

Cozy blanket snuggles on the couch.

Warm in my handsome sweater

Heating pad for the cold nights


  1. I accept, with happiness, three Fudge photos instead of a finished quilt. In fact, I'd accept only cat photos, though perhaps they could be napping on a finished quilt. Not a new quilt. Even the same quilt every time. (I might have a cat problem?!) He is so sweet and handsome and I'm amazed he wears the sweater.

  2. Hi Kat - hopefully you'll notice lots of blocks have appeared during this block collection period. The Sunshine Guild had a sew-along making your blocks ! I just put mine in the mail yesterday, but I believe others have already mailed in envelopes of blocks. Hope they help meet your goals ! Kathleen

    1. Sunshine believes in your work. We will be supporting you prepared!

  3. Looks like Fudge is ready for any situation:
    1. A warm, pretty sweater if he just "HAS" to go outside on cold days.
    2. An electric heating pad for inside pleasure.
    3. Cozy blanket snuggles if the electricity goes out & there is no heating pad to keep him warm.

    He's got all his bases covered for these upcoming fall/winter months ahead. I would say he got it made there with you & Sundae.

  4. Don't lose him in the heating pad. They are the same color!