Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Discounted shipping for Covered in Love

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Hello, fellow supporters of Covered in Love! Louise here with some great news. I'm happy to announce that CiL has partnered with Give Back Box to help reduce your shipping costs. Give Back Box supports many charities by selling UPS shipping labels for $15. You can fill a single box with up to 70 pounds of donations and ship that box to Kat in Texas. Yes, you read that right: only $15 to ship up to the weight of a standard Poodle to Kat from anywhere in the county.* That's less than a large flat rate USPS Priority Mail box! This service is no-strings attached for Covered in Love, requiring NO extra work for Kat, so it is a win-win all around.

Here's how it works: Visit the Covered in Love page on Give Back Box. Click "Add to Cart" and follow the prompts to buy a label. Choose how you want to pay, with a credit card, PayPal, etc. A link will appear to download a Covered in Love Shipping Label in pdf format. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to the same pdf. Print that pdf file on your printer. 

One thing you'll notice about the label: the return address is not your own address. It is the address of Give Back Box headquarters in Wadley, AL. Do not fret! If something goes wrong with the shipment, it will end up at Give Back Box and they will figure out what to do with it using the UPS tracking number. They know that a given tracking number belongs to Covered in Love and will make it right. You don't need to worry about your quilts being returned to you while you're on vacation, with the box sitting on your driveway in the rain.

Now take a nice big cardboard box. Bonus points for re-using a box and helping the environment! Fill that box with all the donations you'd like to send to Kat. Up to 70 lbs! PLEASE include a note inside the box with your name and address so Kat knows it is from you. I recommend that you print TWO copies of the label and write your info on the second copy and tuck it inside the box. Tape one of the labels onto the outside of the box, and take the box to your local UPS drop off. Or if the UPS truck comes to your house, you can hand the box directly to the driver.

Easy peasy, right? I'm so grateful to Give Back Box for this work they do to support many, many worthy charities. Click here to learn more about their mission, or here to read the story of Monika, their founder. And of course you can browse all the other charities they support. Maybe you'd like to buy a label and donate household goods or clothing to another great charity!

*Please do not ship your standard Poodle to Kat. Fudge and Sundae might take that the wrong way.


  1. maybe just a miniature poodle???? this is fabulous, good work to all.

  2. You're a hero, Loise. Thanks for arranging this for Kat and Covered in Love!!

  3. Awesome! Thanks, Louise & Kat. This will be so much easier/cheaper all around. 70 lbs ?? .. that's a lot - scoot over Fudge & Sundae ..lol.. PattiK

  4. Thank you, Louise for making this happen for CiL. I like the idea of the box going back to Give Back Box if for some reason it doesn't get delivered the first time. Sounds like a great organization & UPS is so much more dependable than USPS or FedX (in my area).

  5. Great news! How did I miss this before!

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