Thursday, November 18, 2021

Quilter Practice

Happy weekend! It's nice and cool here and I have some great big cozy quilts. You may recall that a little while ago I had a large split nine quilt from Priscilla that was finished off by Denies and Kay. Denies & Kay recently purchased a long arm and volunteered to finish some CiL quilts as they learn their new machine. It's a mutually beneficial exchange!


Priscilla also made this large (61"x81") patriotic quilt which Denise and Kay quilted with Baptist fans. I really like this simple design with the strings and the HSTs in the corner. I've thought about it for a CiL drive before.  

Edit: The pattern is here at The Colorful Fabriholic, it was a QOV by Alycia.

Amy A. sent in this blue and green nine patch that Denise and Kay quilted with a swirly motif.  They also provided backing fabric for several of the quilts and I really like this rainbow one. 

Donna sent in this beautiful and huge (67x90") blue zigzag quilt.

This one got my favorite quilting of all, rippling water lines. 

Thank you, ladies! We are happy to give you "practice" tops anytime!


Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 800 so far! The September/October drive is running now, check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. Love, love, LOVE today's quilts, Kat!! Nice work, Denise and Kay. Congratulations on your new long arm and thanks for taking some items off Kat's plate!!

  2. Beautiful quilts, and so nice that you have helpers who can quilt unfinished tops for CiL. If anyone is interested, the pattern for the patriotic quilt is here:
    The blocks were part of Alycia's QOV block drive in 2016; the colorway pictured is how Alycia made the blocks.

  3. What a lovely selection of quilts! I'm inspired to try the rippling waters/topography motif. Many thanks to the makers and quilters and shippers and other loving hands that make it all possible :)

  4. Such lovely quilts. Congrats for finding a long armer that will practice on your quilts.

  5. Wonderful, beautiful quilts! And all for sharing with others!

  6. These are such pretty quilts. I love the blue zigzag quilt & the unique rippling quilting. Thanks to all who were a part of these quilts made with love.
    Fudge is just "glowing" in the sunshine.