Thursday, November 4, 2021

Fiddlesticks Wrap Up

November and a new blocks drive, how time flies! There aren't many things that I find more satisfying than wrapping up a block drive. 

We've just finished off the last of the quilts from last Sept/Oct's Fiddlesticks drive. These first 4 were assembled by Pam and quilted by Linda. 

The quilting design above with the zig-zag circles is one of my favorites. And I love the color layout on the quilt below. Especially from a distance, it looks awesome.

Sort of feathered shell quilting on this one. 

Another really pretty design with pastels on a diagonal. 

Little flowers in the quilting and a scrappy pink binding.

This top came from Edna. I has a cool textured blue background. I found a nice multicolor backing and quilted it with a stipple. 

This top came from Beth T, also with textured blues.  The backing for it was a flannel so it was a bit of a pain to quilt but it's extra cuddly. 

Lastly, this top with some beautiful batiks came from Holly L on a textured yellow fabric (love those textured backgrounds!)

All together the Fiddlesticks drive made 19 beautiful and unique quilts!

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 800 so far! The Nov/Dec drive is running now, check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. so many different looks using the same block! awesome!

  2. FYI: Just under the map you refer to the Sept/Oct block drive. I think you mean November/December. That threw me off for a minute.

  3. Gorgeous quilts! Holly's is especially interesting with the common background and the blocks turned every way. You'd never know it was the same block design!

  4. So many unique designs/colors in these beauties. Glad you had a lot of help in finished this drive & thanks again for the state map of all the contributors.