Thursday, March 24, 2022

Busy Becky

Happy weekend quilters! I've been busy tackling the donated tops here at headquarters. For some reason I seem to always get a bee in my bonnet this time of year. 

All of the tops in this post were donated by Becky M. during last year's H2H drive and quilted by me. You can see some of her other quilts by following this link and scrolling down. 

I am in the midst of a 3-week stent working in the hospital (normally I only work 2 weeks in a row) so I am more tired than usual.  It is also the end of the semester for our nursing students and they are enjoying clinical time in the hospital.

This is a fun part of the semester, as they get to apply everything they have learned to real life situations and start to get comfortable in a clinical setting for the first time.  

I am protective of my students (my own first level experience was traumatizing) and I've been fortunate the past 2 semesters to be on a unit full of nurses, techs, PT and OT folks, dieticians, and many more who embrace the students and are eager to help them learn.  

Last week the orthopedic device specialist set up a little lecture for them about different kinds of traction, splints, casts, and braces.  One of the students got an arm cast put on and removed and it was the highlight of her week!

In many ways my goal with the students is not very different from the goal of CiL.  The presence of certain people and small things can change the perception of an experience completely.  A memory can be tender or harsh, sour or sweet, depending on who was around and how you were treated at the time. 

These quilts will help, hopefully, to soften and warm the memory of losing a loved one.


Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 900 so far! During March/April we are supporting the Hands2Help Challenge instead of our normal block drive.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. Kat, I love this post about your students! I bet you are a great instructor! You are right on about memories - they can be good or bad. So glad to be a tiny part of the CIL family making good memories. You are AMAZING!!!!!! These are great quilts!!!!!

  2. Wonderful donations to Covered in Love, Becky!! Glad to see that you were able to find some time to quilt them up, Kat. Those quilt are sure to bring joy to their recipients!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL bunch of quilts from Becky and you did a fab job finishing them up!! I had a HORRIBLE experience fresh out of nursing school where I was thrown into a head nurse position on a geriatric floor with little support. That ruined nursing for me and I only stayed 2 years..ugh. Glad to hear how your hospital personnel all seem to take an active part in support and encouragement!

  4. Gorgeous quilts!! and oh my - I bet you are the best... How Tender and Sweet and caring you are to your students. Love it!

  5. Fabulous donations from Becky! Sometimes women in the workplace can be an extension of high school mean girls! I was lucky in an office setting! My daughter, in the nursing realm, not so lucky! So sad! We need to uplift each other in all parts of our lives! Thanks for you and your attitude! Caring and compassionate!

  6. Becky has been busy & produced some beautiful quilts. Thank you for the quilt show this week!
    I'm so glad your students have you for their teacher. You are creating good, precious memories for your students which is encouragement to them all. It will make a difference between success & failure & I believe (because of you), your students will be successful in their lives. Thank you, Kat for all you do for so many!
    Fudge is such a content kitty!

  7. Becky is so generous with her lovely tops! And you did a fantastic job quilting them up into loving comfort quilts, Kat. I know your "baby nurses" must truly appreciate your compassionate teaching :)